Minerva are here to help, and what better way than by identifying what we do, and what you need help with: 



The visual style that will determines how your customers will think and feel about you and your brand, it’s important to get it right. Branding does not just start and end with your logo; your branding is the totality of your company’s voice, language, appearance, behaviour, attitudes and beliefs and forms the starting point of your company’s strategy and creative journey. 



Everything from company letterheads and business cards, menus and website design, right through to your corporate brochure, packaging or maybe even your signage and interior, it's vital that your identity is stretched across all those design elements that matter. Consistency, innovation and impact are key, and that's something we always strive for. 



When building a website, we start by looking at your users journey and experience (UX) and tackle the understanding of how your customers will interact with your website. From there, we will create the ultimate strategy for you and develop your website to the best standard to ensure UX, responsiveness and interactivity to create a unique website for you. 


MArketing & Advertising

Be it digital, direct or content marketing, or some good ol’ advertising concepts and strategies, our expertise keeps on growing, which means we can communicate your brand to your market creatively and uniquely, engaging your audience on the way. Using the most strategic form of marketing for you, as well as offering online or offline advertising campaigns and media planning, you will have a strategy that impacts and produces results.  



photography & videography

The age old saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” couldn’t be more apt in our world of commerce. As each and every one of us is wired to respond to images, impactful photography and videography is what helps your business instantly reach customers and engage with them on this essential aesthetic level. 


Motion & GRaphics

The eye is in the detail, and that’s why we love to develop fun little animations to go with the work that we do for our clients.

On a bigger scale though, video doesn’t always call for actual videography. Instead, we hold skill in motion and graphics that will help to create awesome animation videos and graphics for you and your brand.