One of Minerva’s first clients, La Vida Magazine started as a free, glossy, regional monthly publication focusing on fashion and lifestyle for both men and women. Growing in two years into a national publication with a circulation of 75,000 copies around the UK, we took every element of design and marketing under our belt: from photoshoot and video management and implementation, copy content, page layouts, marketing concepts for advertisers, social media management and online content, you name it, Minerva have done it all.

The magazine interviewed numerous famous names and faces from model Elle Macpherson, to rapper Ne-yo and fashion designer Lulu Guinness, and Minerva have been there, videographer and transcriber in hand. Part of the magazine’s growth from the offset, helping in all areas necessary (including taping the soles of shoes at photoshoots) Minerva continued to work with La Vida Magazine until the magazines move to online-only in 2015.

Our work for La Vida Magazine:

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Magazine Design & Print Management
  • Copy Content
  • Online Management
  • Website Design
  • Photography & Art Direction
  • Videography & Art Direction
  • Social Media Management
  • Business Development
  • E-mail Marketing & Design